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The Wegner 7 is a spacious unit that features many pops of color throughout the overall neutral color palette. A blue, jeweled-toned, velvet sofa is the centerpiece for the main living space. The teal velvet curtains and throw pillow in the master bedroom add a sophisticated touch of vibrant color, while the bright pink curtains and brightly saturated wall art brings a sense of playfulness to the second bedroom.

This unit's design focuses on blurring the lines between sophistication and play by mixing more sophisticated textures with fun, playful wall art and colors. In the master bedroom, there are two framed canvases each hung above one of the nightstands on either side of the bed, portraying a playful kitten. The second bedroom not only features a lively abstract painting, but also showcases a framed canvas with a portrait of a dog. Victoria chose to use images of a puppy and kittens to emphasize the fact that this community is pet-friendly and loves each of their residents furry companions.

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