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The Roembke Living Room is a take on the Modern Farmhouse style. The project involved updating the living room while keeping in mind the potential updates the owner had in mind for the kitchen, which is open to the living room. The goal was to create a comfortable living space that fit the family's lifestyle while also updating the space to suit their personal taste.


From the consultation, Victoria was able to create an Inspiration Look for the living room to better narrow down what best suited the Roembkes. Since the owner wanted to keep the wood trim, Victoria selected lighter paint colors with warm undertones to brighten the room while also complimenting the wood trim. Victoria was intentional with selecting furniture pieces that mixed the wood tones in order to add more variation. With the color palette being heavily neutral, texture and patterns are brought in through the pillows and the area rug to add more visual interest and depth to the design. One of the design options presented to the owners, features velvet armchairs in a warm, olive green tone that helped to add a pop of color to the neutral design.

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