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Renovation + Remodel

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Wanting to remodel your space? Feeling overwhelmed just by thinking about it? Renovation + Remodel Design is for you if you don't have the capacity to design, shop, or manage the details of a your remodel. Victoria Lynn Designs takes care of all design elements from start to finish. We partner with you and create a design plan to help your vision come to life. We partner with your contractors and trades throughout the construction process, as well as offer site visits to ensure the design is coming together as planned. If you have limited time to commit to thinking about the design plan and managing the project, we are here to help.

Renovation + Remodel Design is charged as a flat-fee with pricing based on room size and complexity of the project.


  • Site Documentation + Discovery

  • Conceptual Design

  • Space Planning

  • ID Drawings

  • Project Budget Management

  • On-Site Visits*

  • Renderings*

  • Specifications

  • Design Presentation 

  • Work with Contractors + Trades

  • Order + Delivery Management

  • Installation*

*Optional or Part of the Design Plus Pack and not the Standard Design Package



Initial Contact

After you contact us about your project, we will direct you to a questionnaire that will help us better understand the space you are wanting to remodel, your personal interior aesthetic, and project budget. We want to truly understand your style, so please provide as much info as possible and feel free to include a link to any Pinterest board(s) pertaining to your project.


Initial Meeting

The goal of this initial meeting is to learn more about your existing space, what is working for you and what's not, and to further discuss your needs and wants for the space in regards to both function and overall look. Here, we will break down the scope of work for the project to ensure we are all on the same page before moving on to the next step in this phase.


Proposal + Agreement

We will put together a proposal based on the information gathered in both the initial contact and the initial meeting. This proposal will include a flat-fee quote for our design fee with an itemized breakdown of what is included along with an estimated project schedule. After execution of the Client Agreement, we require a deposit on the design fee in order for work to begin on your project.

Discovery + Proposal Phase


Space Documentation

We come visit your home to take detailed measurements of your space, take any before photos for reference, and can meet with your contractor.


Conceptual Design

During the conceptual design, we cast an overall vision for your space, work through space planning to formulate an ideal layout, and work on the budget plan for the FFE estimate.


Conceptual Presentation

We put together digital presentation to visually walk you through the conceptual design to ensure we're on the same page.  The presentation includes anything ranging from mood boards to better convey the aesthetic, a floor plan and a look at the FFE budget plan. Prior to the virtual presentation meeting, the second payment installment of the design fee is due.

Concept Design Phase


Detailed Design Model + Specifications

After receiving feedback during the virtual presentation, we move forward with more detailed designs in the model and with sourcing the finishes, furnishings, and fixtures that align with the FFE budget plan that was approved.


ID Drawings + Renderings*

We put together a detailed set of ID drawings that include floor plans, lighting plans, power plans, key elevations, and any design details such as millwork, cabinetry, tile plans, etc. We also work on any renderings of designated views you have selected.


Design Presentation

We put together a digital presentation to walk you through the detailed designs and elevations with finishes, furnishings, and fixture selections. We pull together samples of finishes such as flooring, paint colors, cabinet colors, etc. for you to review, and we help your space come to life with any renderings so you can truly envision yourself in the space before construction begins. 

Design Phase


Communication with Contractors + Trades

We work with your contractors and trades for design direction by providing all produced ID Drawings. We can have a meeting, in-person or virtual, to walk through the drawings and address any questions from your contractor.


Purchasing + Order Management

Upon the approval of the Detailed Design, we place orders for all products on your behalf.​ We will track deliveries to the job site and resolve any complications that arise.



As the contractors begin construction, we can work with you and your contractor to schedule site visits* to ensure the design is coming together as planned.

Purchasing + Construction Phase



Upon the completion of construction, we will coordinate the final delivery and installation of furnishings and accessories, if applicable, to finish the transformation of your space. We will walk through a punch list of any outstanding design items that need to be resolved.


Stage + Photograph*

We work with you to style your beautiful new space for photographs.



Thank you for working with Victoria Lynn Designs. Upon completion, we ask for your feedback so we can continue to provide exceptional service to our clients. We will send you a link to a form you can fill out to submit your feedback. Thanks.

Installation + Project Wrap-Up

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Rennovation + Remodel sound like the right package for you?

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