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The Evans Home Living Room is a take on the Modern Farmhouse style. The project involved creating a multifunctional space where the grandkids could play and have their toys and books, but also, grandma had a space to organize all of her crafting supplies. The space needed to be mature and blend in with decor of the rest of the home while still providing functional play space.


From the consultation, Victoria was able to create two Moodboard options for the craft/play room. The recommended selections for the space needed to be able to evolve as the grandkids grew. A "grow with me" table was recommended for the space as the table's height can increase as the grandkids get older and still be functional. A large area rug helps ground the play table while also functioning as an additional cushion to the carpet for the kids as they sit on the floor to play. The storage for both the grandkids' toys and grandma's crafting supplies is a mix of open and closed storage to help keep the space looking visually organized. Open shelving can display children's book and later be used to display artwork and decor, while a craft cart is functional for both grandkids and grandma.

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